Friday, 29 May 2015


rails” she said, “write of rails”
hand rails, towel rails, stair rails
railway rails
tracks coming to and from
my first love
well, not the first
but teenage love, heart bursting kisses
strong arms to experience
male hands teaching touch
train cars swaying
twin rails merge and disappear
in the distance
lost in a mirage of heat
from bloemfontein to capetown
clickety clack clickety clack
hot hot days
riding on the rails
coal driven steam powered
open windows and bread and butter
soot decorated
the endless karoo, desert flat
in the empty land of dry
trees line the long rail
peach pits carelessly tossed
from carriage windows
taken root and grown against the odds
blue, blue eyes and flashing smile
charm without effort
young love's come true dream
a forever fairytale
grown dusty in time

Copyright © 2014 by Eryll Oellermann

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