Sunday, 6 October 2013

my anchor

10.11.1941 - 06.10.2002

we walked together, you and i
through youth and life
through birth and growth
and celebration, times of weeping
you by my side in illness
together in the times of loss
sunrise sunset
the sweeping heat of summer days
we listened to the gurgling song
of rushing rain
we saw the dew touched spider webs
and felt the sand
cold beneath our bare feet
we watched the first sweet rays of light
breast the far horizon
in unrelenting expectation
another day in paradise
we felt the chill winds unkind cut
while winter sun
beat sweet upon our shoulders
we knew the dust
of winters dry and rainless
we shared time and all her seasons
through all the years we lived and loved
sharing the comfort of touch
the glory of together
we watched our children grow
and spread their wings
into the flight of adulthood
you, my constant companion
my champion, my anchor
always my one true love

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann