Tuesday, 22 July 2014

to sit

i love to sit
with my head in the shade
with my boots on the wall
made of stone like a cave
my mind loves to ponder
on everyday things
like the colour of grass
and the sound of bird wings
i fly on the birdsong
i ride on the breeze
i listen to flowers
and the humming of bees
the sun follows me
and i follow the shade
as i dream of tomorrow
and plans i have made
i breathe in the good air
sun caresses my skin
if this place is earth
where does heaven begin

Copyright ©  Eryll Oellermann 2014

Sunday, 13 July 2014

no coming back

no coming back

long gone
stepped off the edge
and left, no coming back
why me why me why not
who else is there
if not me
alone and afraid
stepping up brave faced
to a world of only one
split like an atom with no
lost in the once familiar
uncomfortable in my safe place
a lifetime of riches
now beggared by the unthinkable
reach out and gather what is left
floating particles of self and sameness
homeless in the vacuum of loss
who changed the rules
and why

Copyright ©  Eryll Oellermann 2014