Saturday, 25 May 2013

long island invasion

big trees and bagels
wild turkey, peach pie
beer shops and smoke shops
and pizza to die
surrounded by water
drowning in malls
coffee and cheesecake
new york never palls
jack daniels at prices
a girl can afford
they do like my accent
they love every word
a huge hero sandwich
a bottle of coke
let's sit by the sea
and i'll have me a smoke
they drive on the wrong side
but what can you say
the only thing left is
to hold thumbs and pray
the shops never close
you may shop when you will
i have no insurance
so i dare not fall ill
bring me your poor
they said in the past
i guess that was careless
it sure didn't last
i need to be rich
or famous at least
or perhaps play a sport
like a rampaging beast
i can fly right on in
but i better not stay
or i'm unwanted, illegal
and they'll lock me away
so while i enjoy
all new york has to give
i have to go back to
the place where i live

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

Thursday, 23 May 2013

run turkey run

hot damn! big thang
run turkey run
long neck shuttling jerky
like a puppet on a string
legs pumping
anxiety obvious in every pace
what's the hurry
what's up big bird
is there a fire coming
a wolf prowling
are you running to encourage
something to follow
follow you and your post haste exit
follow you into the forest
and away
away from whatever you need
not found

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

the undergrowth

the undergrowth is growing
at a fair old rate of knots
where once there was a little
there now is lots and lots

i wonder of the creatures
who scurry here and there
hidden from the prey birds
by this lush green underwear

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

Sunday, 12 May 2013

you knew me

why do i always wish for a happy ending
i should remember the obvious
life is not a bowl of cherries
and if it was ...well hell
the fruit at the bottom of said bowl
is always going to be
past it's prime
people desire us to be their dream
to fulfil their need
i am a chameleon born
to give people what they need is my delight
i love to love
that makes me attractive
to those who are hungry for love
i am also impulsive impetuous impatient
where angels fear to tread
is my home territory
quick to love but as unstable as a rope bridge
i swing between the poles of affection and dismay
meaning well as i tread the hell path
and so i earn the bitter hatred
the vitriolic attack of the past
where once cherished i am now despised
i own my guilt, i own my weakness
i understand the loss of hope and dreams
i ache with regret for the pain i caused
the dream left shattered
i have learned that to promise is an insanity
best avoided
but you would have me now a monster
dancing with deliberation on shattered hearts
believe what you will for i had no hidden agenda
no ill intent no mask of innocence
i had only who i am and who i have always been
who i remain and who i will always be
and i say to the past "you knew me"

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

Saturday, 11 May 2013

am i

am i a poet
or do i just write
words in an order
which bring me delight

in that which i write
is deep meaning found
do my words hide dark secrets
does meaning abound

or perhaps i just write
of the things which i see
of feeling, emotions
a mind floating free

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

a green uprising

overgrown photo: These stairs are behind the music house at Corban  They don't lead anywhere any more and are almost completely overgrown with ivy  This turned out oddly bright though and I'm going to see if I can get a better shot tomorrow after work 75148_1647936088192_7304954_n.jpg

humanity, probably an impermanent blot
on planet earth
we have no capacity to sprout and grow
to recover with the speed of the green
send fire to ravage and ruin
the green will curl up and lie dormant
until the first rain brings renewal
an exploding life force feeding on the earth
transforming sunshine into life
roots extending beneath
budding, flowering, seed bursting above
laying down new life without encouragement
a green army marching
                                                       overgrown photo: Overgrown Overgrown.jpg

humanity may strive against the green
hacking, cutting, mowing
shoulder to the plough, imposing our dream
a never ending artistic carving
until weariness brings us to our knees
we turn our backs and allow neglect
the green which was waiting wakes and stretches
without malice it reclaims it's own

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

Friday, 10 May 2013

in limbo

where shall i move to
where shall i go
should i choose sunshine
or somewhere with snow

an apartment up high
with no garden to tend
or maybe a front door
with no steps to ascend

should i go for the country
surrounded by green
or maybe a place
where the sea can be seen

do i prefer
the buzz of a city
or maybe a village
a little less gritty

i could live in a house
or a big caravan
i might have a land lady
or perhaps a land man

i love where i am
love the view from my window
without a decision
i am living in limbo

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

Thursday, 9 May 2013

waiting and the taste of honey


coal man photo: Coal Man," London, 1950. 

i'm waiting for the coal man
it's time for him to come
i've places i must go to
and things which must be done

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

honey pot photo: Pooh with Honey Pot poohwithhoneypot.jpg

the taste of honey

i love the taste of honey
as it slides against my tongue
i love it's sweet temptation
the source from which it sprung
each bee which gathers pollen
and brings it to my hive
imbues the honey with the taste
i crave to feel alive
the texture and the colour
the flower from which it came
once you've tasted honey
you will never be the same

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann 

Friday, 3 May 2013

dark is the day

dark is the day
grown weary and wet
the dreary of winter
no summer as yet

the green deepens greener
the weeds grow in spurts
no sign of the sun
and the lack of it hurts

leave the doors closed
keep the coal fire hot burning
switch on the lights
and be done with the yearning

the sun still exists
way beyond the great grey
one day it will shine
or so people still say

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann

Thursday, 2 May 2013

the unexpected

life is a still ocean
with a huge fucking whirlpool
in the last place you would expect to find one
so there you are
floating along in the sunshine
gentle breeze at your back
and there you go
an assault of the unexpected
kicking arse
dragging you down
to dark and dangerous places
where breathing is a life threatening option

Copyright © 2013 by Eryll Oellermann