Thursday, 28 August 2014

the village green

there is no sign warning
'stay off the grass' or
'ball games forbidden'
the sign there is reads
'no horse riding'
children are dogs are welcome
don't forget to pick up after them
the dogs that is
right there, under the big old oak tree
is a red bin marked 'dog litter only'
no horses though
tearing up the emerald green turf
immaculate in summer cut and trim
with heavy horse hooves
only one old oak remains casting shade and shadow
once there were two
but ageing branches
and raging winter storms
finally called finis
one day they came
council workers in safety gear
with chain saws and chippers
to put an end to falling branches
and health and safety dangers
so now the old oak stands alone
guarding the empty space
where once there stood another of the species
the children play there
beneath outstretched branches
on the long hot summer days
it takes a season and they are gone
onto more mature entertainments
each year a new generation of young ones
lie in the shade and pass their time
two wheel bicycles and dolls prams
temporarily abandoned
as they scrabble on the wooden steps
hammered in place so long ago
by those other
once upon a time day dreamers

Copyright ©  Eryll Oellermann 2014