Tuesday, 16 October 2012

dream dragon

in the dark beyond midnight
the village quiet is broken
by the sleep filled call
of a dream woken small boy
duty calls and i arise
to pierce the night blackness
with light and touch
and with soft mutterings
so slay the dream dragon
find teddy bear and relegate
the torment of a nightmare
to yesterday and no more

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Saturday, 13 October 2012

valley green

the valley green is golding, a slow seasonal conquest
turning leaves, returning summer energy to their source
the pasture empty of the contemplative cattle
confined now to home farm byre
winter mist rises ghostlike from the winding waterway
spreading magical fingers across the flat
a heron looms from the ground cloud
stalking kinglike the empty banks of a river kingdom
the far hills still glow green in their ground covering
shaded with the spreading russet of autumn
summer lifeless chimneys breathe again
smoke rising and twisting in a message of warmth
soon the white of frost and snow
will blanket the glen and crown the braes in winter glory
for those who live to one day die
time and her seasons rule with inevitable change

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

the fire

the coal fire is a'burning
glowing red and blue
with little flames a'licking
as flames are wont to do

outside the dark is velvet
while frost spreads on the ground
the stars so bright in winter skies
deep silence all around

i sit here and i wait
for what i do not know
a lightning strike, a miracle
perhaps a fall of snow

time passes as the clock ticks
a journey from the past
we only have this moment
the future doesn't last

for now my mind is weary
i hear the call of sleep
i wonder in my dream world
if i will laugh or weep

perhaps i'll find new passion
a never ending fire
a meeting of the heart and mind
to waken my desire

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Sunday, 7 October 2012

like a ball of twine

i'm unravelling
just like a ball of twine
the truths i always clung too
are no longer mine

my heart cries out for all that's gone
all that was meant to be
i can dream a way of living
doesn't mean it's meant to be

my bowl of life and living
vanished down a black hole
leaving me in nowhere
feeling like i've lost my soul

today i am a coward
lonely and bereft
i feel my world so empty
as if i have nothing left

can't be cured
by medication
can't be helped
with meditation

write it down
spit it out
tomorrow i'll find courage
that's what life is about

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Friday, 5 October 2012

i believe

i believe

i believe that you are here
your essence strong and supportive
our seperation only a reality
in this physical world of mine

i believe that in the place of no time
we exist together, lost in the light
yet still i weep and forget to breathe
in the missing of your touch

i used to wonder, how?
how will i survive when he is gone
i survive my love
despite the burden of your loss

life is good and filled with hope
our family grows and newborn eyes
speak to me of knowing you
as i hold them close and breathe in heaven

i miss the sound of your step
quick, with military precision
i miss your feeble jokes and bran muffins
the rose you would bring with my morning coffee

i miss the feel of your skin
the strength of your arms
your ability to make anything and everything right
i miss you manfred oellermann

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Sunday, 30 September 2012

slow cooking

a book on slow cooking
a basket of pegs
a small green duck
with bright orange legs
an empty container
which once held meringues
five paper plates
and a box with no fags
the debris of life
the way which i live
so much left behind
so much still to give

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Friday, 3 August 2012

more questions than answers

i plough my way through life
some days require dogged determination
whilst others pass with easy ambulation
demanding nothing more than lazy co-operation

each day dawns and i make choices
this or that, now or then
my life a work in progress jigsaw
with more questions than answers

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Thursday, 2 August 2012

a frog's life

i am a frog
i'm still quite small
but then a frog
is seldom tall
i don't live out there
in the wild
i have a heated habitat
sometimes i'm brown
at times i'm green
sometimes i'm kind of ...
i have a pond
it's very small
but better than
no pond at all
i have some places
where i hide
a log, some plants
which haven't died
they feed me crickets
and meal worms
all guaranteed as ...
free from germs
in the day
i hide and sleep
and from me
you'll not hear a peep
but come the night
i'm wide awake
i swim and jump
eat cricket steak
my life's not bad
as frog's lives go
so i'll stay here
and try to grow

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

love is like

love is like the chicken pox
it appears suddenly
progresses rapidly
it itches and hurts
you end up covered in scabs
which you have a need to scratch
beware, should you do so
you will be scarred for life
as with all things natural
eventually it passes

Copyright © 2009 by Eryll Oellermann

love is a place

love is a place
we all want to be
our heart bound in chains
and finally free

it's knowing forever
and feeling no fear
love trusts in tomorrow
and all we hold dear

love opens the heart
we are gifted to share
today and tomorrow
together we dare

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann


Two beloved faces
Etched by the camera lens
Stored back to back
One for all the world
To know my mourning
The other secret and sacred
My loss private
My keening as silent
As my heart’s grave

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann


sometimes there is very little
reason to write
the world is distant
beyond my reach
friends are strangers
distance limited
my thoughts as dull
as a long buried blade
perhaps tomorrow
the clouds will lift
the sun will shine
on another new day
my ready smile
might even reach my eyes

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann


emotion is a potion
most difficult to handle
and when it comes to you dear girl
my emotions are a scandal

they cause my heart to falter
and scramble up my brain
and all because i have not heard
from my sweet girl again

i fear the worst, that you are ill
and cannot let me know
and so i sit and agitate
with passing time so slow

so far, so very far away
from you and your sweet touch
so many times i've tried to leave
i need you way too much

what is love, a need, a want
a hunger of the soul
or is it destiny unleashed
so making two halves whole

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann

i remember

i remember
the first words
full of bravado and bullshit
sent to a stranger
across the sea
i remember
the last angry words
burned indelible
on heart and mind
i remember inbetween
words of love and passion
anger and dismay

because i love you
i remember
because i love you
i will never forget
the first time, the airport
the rose in your hand
my fear and relief when i knew
that my body loves your body
as much as my mind
loves you
strangers meeting
lovers forever

i remember the parting
the last, the final
tight aching chest
choking in an effort
to be still
to leave unsaid the words
which longed to speak
begging love
to stay forever
tears which should have fallen
spilling as i turned
and left one last time

in this world
you are lost to me
in my world you remain
mine forever
the temptress,gazing hungry
exposing beloved flesh
hating the addiction
sharing the smoke
wine stained lips
flashing eyes inviting
forever irristible

in the world of my mind
we debate, discuss and disagree
we talk and touch
our hands intertwine
our lips know the softness
of the other's caress
we hold tight to one another
and make love
with the impetuosity of passion
the soft gentleness of always
for this time of loving
was never our first nor ever our last

in our together
in my dream space
i found you absent
in our apart
in the embrace of sleep
we still share
the dance of love
my arms hold you close
and you breath
one last time
the words of love
i forever hunger to hear

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann

pain's river

that which brought us together
which held us so fast
our hopes for the future
and lives now long past

our hearts filled with love
and our bodies a'quiver
we fought and we struggled
held fast in pain's river

they said we were crazy
unhealthy, obsessed
but holding each other
is what we did best

in the end we are parted
but still held in thrall
our hearts always waiting
for our lovers sweet call

tomorrow, the night dark
full moon riding high
the wolf turns to magic
to help this love die

i will journey on foot
to stand by the lake
i will beg separation
an end to this ache

i will ask for our love
to be torn from it's root
and ended forever
my love words struck mute

i will pray with my being
and all i hold dear
requesting heart peace
and our memories clear

now i wait for the full moon
still bound by love's chain
my last hope in magic
to end my heart pain

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann

six years

six years of together
six years of apart
laughing, childlike
crying, forsaken
stilted conversations
soul cleansing sharing
giggling like toddlers
sulking like teenagers

so many sins
so much forgiveness
parting in anger
separated by silence
reconnected in love
reunited in ecstasy
love in the beginning
love at the end
dreaming of forever
the nightmare of no more

no word will come

i have nothing left but sad
no fire, no power, no words
no pounding need to write
my body feels no more
untouched and unresponsive

soon i must leave
this place of nothing
where my life is wasting
for this is not the way
we are born to be

i long to lift my eyes
and seek the sunlight
i gasp to breath again
to touch and feel
reach out and hold once more

yet my heart cries "wait"
love is patient and forgiving
tomorrow the phone will ring
loves words will tumble
distracted from her lips

my unkind mind sneers
there is no more together
no word will come
no phone will ring
the future is undone

All materials Copyright © 2004-2010 by Eryll Oellermann

1st october 2008

loss is not an easy burden to share
where do you go with the ache in your chest
when time has passed and others forget
how you loved and you needed and you were

pain is not an easy burden to share
how do you hide the tears in your eyes
full of knowledge that there is no end
that love is eternal and so is grief 

Copyright © 2008 by Eryll Oellermann

anti freeze

my heart is deep frozen
i mourn
what i chose to leave
was i wrong
if not
does the cold seep
through my body
ice tainted
carrying the ache
of cold anxiety
while my mind
for an unavailable

Copyright © 2010 by Eryll Oellermann


i feel i am in free fall
my life, swift passing by
no goal in sight, no masterplan
forgotten how to fly

there was a time, not long ago
when i was in command
i contemplated, organized
life went as i had planned

somewhere, somehow, some point in time
my life slipped off my leash
where once my life was steak and veg
i now was handed quiche

so chaos reigns, no sweet design
to concentrate my mind
no parachute to break my fall
this girl is flying blind

i know that soon i will recoup
once more i'll beat the odds
i'll claim my life and make it mine
and damn the chaos gods

i'll take a breath and raise my eyes
i'll see the stars and moon
with arms of steel i'll seize my life
oh goddess make it soon

All materials Copyright © 2004-2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


i know your light's still shining
if i look then i will see
the precious glowing, loving light
which you reserve for me

i know your love still fires me
if i reach out and touch
the throbbing of your soft skinned pulse
you are desired so much

i know your voice still calls me
from that far distant shore
your words still own the power, my love
to open my heart's door

you still delight my senses
though you are far away
i breath you in the air sweetheart
you own my whole each day

and how i long to kiss thee
those lips of molten fire
to drink the taste of you dear one
my lifelong deep desire

i know you are my chosen one
possessor of my heart
and i am less than i might be
when we are far apart

your heart, your mind, your very soul
you dance with me through time
you always have, you always will
affinity ... sublime

Copyright © 2004-2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

the crazies

i've got the crazies
and i should have known
the full moon is rising
my cover is blown
the wolf wants to howl
to the orb in the sky
my mood is so strange
guess i should have known why
tomorrow, the next day
i'll start to feel sane
i might stay that way
till she grows full again

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Sunday, 3 June 2012

how random

how random is random
dictated or said
no aim, without purpose
is random like dead
i'm given to wonder
at life frame by frame
direction or chaos
some joy and some pain
i'm here and i'm now
if i sleep will i wake
to live or to die
is not my choice to make
by my existence
do i alter the real
or is my mortality
just something i feel
we learned that the sun
does not orbit the earth
and storks don't bring babies
to populate earth
we know that the moon
causes tide's rise and fall
but the truth my friend is...
we know sweet bugger all

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The girl who called the moon

In a perfect world we seldom perceive perfection
We search for the truth and believe in the lie
We throw ourselves into love in hope of salvation
Until one day we face the parcel of our life
Unadorned, stripped of the bows and wrapping
The dawning, the cold and biting whip of reality
Wake up, wake up, breathe deep and know
You are all I have, you are all I need, you are the moment
The dark is as much an illusion as the light
Tomorrow exists as distant as yesterday
This breath, this touch, this smile, this sigh
This is my creation, my singularity, my world
I am part of the great all and yet I own this moment
Gratitude, the ultimate soul gift rises like the tide incoming
Self-doubt like a discarded snake skin
Slides into the salt waters of renewal

The girl stood alone in the dark of night
She whispered her dreams into the silence
She called to the moon and the moon came

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Thursday, 19 January 2012

it is so

the sky looms dark, as black as night
six seagulls twist and turn in flight
the wind is whispering a tale
of rain and sleet and howling gale
i stand and gaze upon this scene
and long once more for spring time green
and then i glimpse but don't believe
for sure, my eyes my brain deceive
for swallows breed in warmer climes
they all take flight in winter times
and yet they're here, in swooping flight
the swallows of our spring delight
first one, then two, then quite a bunch
in swift pursuit of insect lunch
now, it's impossible, i know
these birds like sunshine not the snow
they all fly in in april, may
and yet i see them here today
it's still the first month of this year
no way their species should be here
has mother nature made a change
the weather has been kind of strange
i guess, perhaps, i'll never know
just why they're here, but, it is so

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Monday, 9 January 2012

at night


" One for sorrow,
    Two for mirth
    Three for a wedding,
    Four for birth
    Five for silver,
    Six for gold;
    Seven for a secret,
    Not to be told;
    Eight for heaven,
    Nine for [hell]
    And ten for the d[evi]l's own sell![1]

it is half past ten at night
time to open up and write
of the torment and the pain
of the dreary grey and rain
time to conjure up the words
to describe the magpie birds
which live beside the railway line
black and white and very fine
count the number which you see
know the future soon to be
soon the moon is riding high
big and golden in the sky
night in darkness covers all
now we hear the night bird call
all the daytime noise is done
with the setting of the sun
draw the curtains, light the fire
time to dream our hearts desire
soon to sleep and wander free
in a place of you and me
a world without reality
where things may be as they should be
when i wake a new day is
all my life is made of this
born to live i live to write
of love and loss and day and night
of beauty, ugliness and sin
sometimes we lose, sometimes we win
all the world awaits our pleasure
if we but realize her treasure
open up our eyes to see
miracles are offered free
for our ears the world will croon
nature's loving, living tune
if i should watch then i will see
a world which is a part of me
created by my mind and senses
a place of truth and no pretenses
for life is simply for the living
with much joy found in acts of giving
peace is found in being still
and the poet's ink and quill

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann