Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The girl who called the moon

In a perfect world we seldom perceive perfection
We search for the truth and believe in the lie
We throw ourselves into love in hope of salvation
Until one day we face the parcel of our life
Unadorned, stripped of the bows and wrapping
The dawning, the cold and biting whip of reality
Wake up, wake up, breathe deep and know
You are all I have, you are all I need, you are the moment
The dark is as much an illusion as the light
Tomorrow exists as distant as yesterday
This breath, this touch, this smile, this sigh
This is my creation, my singularity, my world
I am part of the great all and yet I own this moment
Gratitude, the ultimate soul gift rises like the tide incoming
Self-doubt like a discarded snake skin
Slides into the salt waters of renewal

The girl stood alone in the dark of night
She whispered her dreams into the silence
She called to the moon and the moon came

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann