Friday, 29 May 2015

No more than a dream

No more than a dream

Is the darkness of night
caused by absence of light
is the world turning reason
for changes of season
does the rising sun mean
that the dark hours have been
devoured and rejected
and daylight respected
do we dance on our toes
singing praises in prose
will we live till we die
will this day laugh or cry

do these words carry thought
or more casually wrought
no secrets lie hidden
scant sweet love is bidden
we grow old and falter
youth no more our alter
and yet we still follow
thoughts vacant and hollow
the touch of a hand
draw a heart in the sand
as long as we breathe
we continue to weave

sad tales of failure the search for our soul
childhood remembering the death of a mole
barefoot and heat waves tumultuous storms
the gushing down water the great white ant swarms
the roar of the free way the sound of the sea
the buzz of mosquitoes a'feasting on me
my head on your shoulder for comfort and care
no reason was needed for me to rest there
a hot day a cold drink a run through the rain
a cricket sings solo there's the rain bird again
storm lilies will blossom the hot earth will steam
the land of my birth is no more than a dream

Copyright © 2015 by Eryll Oellermann

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