Monday, 28 September 2009

east bathhouse


the ocean breeze

caressed my skin

the warmth of sun fell lovingly across my back

the song of sea sounds

pierced with sea birds crying

the gentle swinging creak

of the sign which read

East Bathhouse

the white warmth of the sand

as fine as powder

found beneath bare feet

time stood still

and i sojourned in nowhere land

my love and i in strange new separation

a distance now, an unbridgeable space

our minds in timeless chaos searched

for answers more appealing

Copyright © 2004-2009 by Eryll Oellermann

Saturday, 26 September 2009

the gift

the gift of love is our ultimate freedom

a gift only ours for the giving

we may not buy love or sell it

we may not demand or steal it from another

love is priceless and beyond theft

love arrives unannounced

sometimes taking us completely by surprise

a joyous gift from the universe

a deep well, a bubbling spring

the wild white waters of untamed emotion

to share this bounty with the beloved

becomes our greatest desire

how fortunate are they who love

where they are loved in return

we gaze, we sigh, we admire

our love can do no wrong

this then is the first stage of love

at first love is mostly selfish

this person makes us happy

we feel warm and contented

their company pleases and amuses us

time passes and if we are careful

gentle and cherishing

our love will continue to grow

sending roots downwards, outwards

gaining encouragement

from the nourishment of fidelity

our love deepens, our vision widens

our desires are less for our needs

we wish for more for our beloved

for their happiness, their satisfaction

we long to protect them from harm

to supply their every need

to offer them joy in every day life

peace grows in our heart

we begin to imagine a future

a sharing, a togetherness

an always and forever

this then is the second stage of love

we are ready to offer the loved one


we desire to proclaim our loving partnership

before our family and friends

to share the inevitability of our love

with a world less interested

commitment requires long term, logical thought

in a way, the very antithesis of love

we must look deep into our heart

and apply the gift of our mind

to the future of our relationship

we must know, we must decide

this is the one, my love mate

the companion of my days

the lover of my nights

the one with whom i would forever share

the triumphs and tribulations of life's road

the one whose tears will mingle with mine

in sadness

whose laughter will peal out with mine

in joy

i accept this person as my future

and their future as my own

i will care for those they love

i will be there for them in the dark hours

i will set aside the instability of my emotions

embracing this one person

promising my forever

this then is the third stage of love

and so we promise, we commit

the wonderful and rewarding journey begins

for the offering of true love

of faithful heart, physical fidelity

unending intellectual devotion

is a commitment to our beloved

and a gift of wonder to ourselves

day by day we learn to share

to feel irritation and accept

to feel anger and put it aside

to feel hurt and not require revenge

to march through the bad times

head down, one foot in front of the other

pausing only to extend our hand

to offer encouragement to our beloved

to dance through the good times

hand in hand, grateful for the togetherness

of love

we will need to learn new lessons

discovering that forgiving is easy

whilst forgetting is not

understanding that there will be times

of distance, of doubt, segments of time

in which we might forget our love

our passion, our undying devotion

we might forget many things

but never, our commitment

our decision to join our lives together

to share all that life might throw at us

the commitment of our heart, our body, our mind

supplies the foundation for eternal love

love which will continue to grow

to deepen, to blossom

becoming so beautiful, so strong, so real

our understanding will expand

our selfishness lessen

we will learn the love of forever

for today and for tomorrow

unquestioned, inviolate

this then is the truth of love

Copyright © 2004-2009 by Eryll Oellermann

the link


pause and think
regard the link
review the past
gone so fast
live in the now
do you know how
the future waits
owned by the fates
chaos rules
and we are fools

yesterday today tomorrow
time the one thing we can't borrow

Copyright © 2004-2009 by Eryll Oellermann

the night


the night is long
when you sleep alone
the silence rings
in ears which long for
the darkness
haunts with the lack
of energies entwined
in vain the senses search
for body scent
as yet unknown
realized only by the absence

Copyright © 2004-2009 by Eryll Oellermann

the power


i have the power
to see the light
to watch a bird
engaged in flight
i have the power
to feel the sun
and contemplate
it's power of one
i have the power
to smell fresh bread
and follow my thoughts
through memories thread
i have the power
to hear the sound
of children playing
all around
i have the power
to taste with gladness
from life's great bowl
of joy and sadness

i have the power
to taste the sea
to hear her power
as she calls to me
i have the power
to feel her spray
caress my skin
on a summer's day
i have the power
to breathe her deep
the scent of her
in my heart to keep
i have the power
to see the place
where sea and sky
are joined in grace
i have the power
to witness gold
as the rising sun's
first rays enfold

i have the power
to love the night
engulfed in darkness
stars shine bright
i have the power
to hear the noise
of a near cicada
giving voice
i have the power
to feel the heat
die from a day
in the dark replete
i have the power
to love from my soul
to care and cherish
to gift my whole
i have the power
to close my eyes
and create the world
i fantasize

Copyright © 2004-2009 by Eryll Oellermann

Saturday, 12 September 2009

latter day epiphany

what is time
but a question
of knowing, or not
what happens tomorrow
and the past
you forgot
no power to haunt
and draw new blood

to ever exist
in this moment
the future unblemished
by imagined fear
we live in the now
unchained and free
moments of guilt and shame
left behind with yesterday

does the river ask
when will i arrive
in time to spill
into the sea of salt
what of yesterday
and banks burst
with raging, rising
must i regret and repent

does the seed question
unravelling stem, wriggling root
as to the hour
the arrival of saplinghood
we call the time
by a rising, sinking sun
a star which burns regardless
less mindful than we

what is time
but an aberration
useful for timetables
a rueful latter day epiphany

Copyright © 2009 by Eryll Oellermann

Thursday, 10 September 2009

who makes the rules


the sky did not fall
it should have
maybe it still will
not yet though
today is grass green
and sky blue
if i really tried
i might blow that cloud
that big, fluffy white cloud
out of sight
why not just do it
why wait?

for everything a season
who makes the rules
if we stop listening
will the sky fall
probably not
we own our future
we create our mind view
triumph or tragedy
ours is the power
breath deep
and colour your world

Copyright © 2004-2009 by Eryll Oellermann

Friday, 4 September 2009

beyond glass barriers


a sound proof glass prison
where i wait
there is life out there
i feel the passing energy
as it touches my glass walls
i am invisible as i watch
the laughter and the living
beyond glass barriers

i so craved the company of love
i tried to be who i am not
a wasteful exercise
for i am many thoughts and ways
all indelibly me
nary a one interchangeable
with another
one day i read words
less than kind
at last, enlightenment
i understood
i am good enough for me
i am calm and comfort
at ease with being
uninspired by worldly ambition
love lives in me
and wraps her arms around me
it is enough
no need to offer myself
as a distraction to the unaware

i built my glass tower
to hold the living world at bay
while i grow strong enough
to know, once more
the heat of undeniable passion
and bask in the streaming sunlight
of an uncomplicated
forever love story

Copyright © 2004-2009 by Eryll Oellermann