Thursday, 1 December 2011

"dona nobis pacem"

what is peace?

peace is as elusive as faith.

where will we find peace ... in an absence of anger?

perhaps if we ...

decline the opportunity to feel righteous rage,

allow ourselves to experience gratitude without boundaries.

find the time and desire to reach out, extend a helping hand,
offer our strength, our focus, ourselves.

fall in love with our earth in all her many forms and her

realize that we are no better nor worse, no more
talented or useful than a single grain of sand or blade of

repudiate our selfish sense of superiority.

understand that we are nothing more than an equal part of the

respect the comforts and needs of others. protect the weak.
shelter the young and the elderly.

learn to listen rather than be heard.

practice love without ego.

find the wisdom to understand that i am nothing if i am not

remember that an enemy is only another aspect of the light
within us. refuse to see the darkness, search instead for
the goodness, the loving, pure life energy.

peace may be an impossible dream.

there is no more worthy quest.