Tuesday, 16 October 2012

dream dragon

in the dark beyond midnight
the village quiet is broken
by the sleep filled call
of a dream woken small boy
duty calls and i arise
to pierce the night blackness
with light and touch
and with soft mutterings
so slay the dream dragon
find teddy bear and relegate
the torment of a nightmare
to yesterday and no more

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Saturday, 13 October 2012

valley green

the valley green is golding, a slow seasonal conquest
turning leaves, returning summer energy to their source
the pasture empty of the contemplative cattle
confined now to home farm byre
winter mist rises ghostlike from the winding waterway
spreading magical fingers across the flat
a heron looms from the ground cloud
stalking kinglike the empty banks of a river kingdom
the far hills still glow green in their ground covering
shaded with the spreading russet of autumn
summer lifeless chimneys breathe again
smoke rising and twisting in a message of warmth
soon the white of frost and snow
will blanket the glen and crown the braes in winter glory
for those who live to one day die
time and her seasons rule with inevitable change

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

the fire

the coal fire is a'burning
glowing red and blue
with little flames a'licking
as flames are wont to do

outside the dark is velvet
while frost spreads on the ground
the stars so bright in winter skies
deep silence all around

i sit here and i wait
for what i do not know
a lightning strike, a miracle
perhaps a fall of snow

time passes as the clock ticks
a journey from the past
we only have this moment
the future doesn't last

for now my mind is weary
i hear the call of sleep
i wonder in my dream world
if i will laugh or weep

perhaps i'll find new passion
a never ending fire
a meeting of the heart and mind
to waken my desire

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Sunday, 7 October 2012

like a ball of twine

i'm unravelling
just like a ball of twine
the truths i always clung too
are no longer mine

my heart cries out for all that's gone
all that was meant to be
i can dream a way of living
doesn't mean it's meant to be

my bowl of life and living
vanished down a black hole
leaving me in nowhere
feeling like i've lost my soul

today i am a coward
lonely and bereft
i feel my world so empty
as if i have nothing left

can't be cured
by medication
can't be helped
with meditation

write it down
spit it out
tomorrow i'll find courage
that's what life is about

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann

Friday, 5 October 2012

i believe

i believe

i believe that you are here
your essence strong and supportive
our seperation only a reality
in this physical world of mine

i believe that in the place of no time
we exist together, lost in the light
yet still i weep and forget to breathe
in the missing of your touch

i used to wonder, how?
how will i survive when he is gone
i survive my love
despite the burden of your loss

life is good and filled with hope
our family grows and newborn eyes
speak to me of knowing you
as i hold them close and breathe in heaven

i miss the sound of your step
quick, with military precision
i miss your feeble jokes and bran muffins
the rose you would bring with my morning coffee

i miss the feel of your skin
the strength of your arms
your ability to make anything and everything right
i miss you manfred oellermann

Copyright © 2012 by Eryll Oellermann