Friday, 18 November 2011

expiry date

the gulls cry
in the weak morning light
as they ride the warm wind
which buffets and blows
like a wistful virgin
unsure of her destination
occasional raindrops spatter
the small side window
through which they watch
the young life which exists
beyond these sacred walls
as they surround in warmth
the village of the elders
where those so blessed
await their expiry date
in climate controlled comfort

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann

Saturday, 5 November 2011

poet play

rhyme and line
time to write
fodder, food
of my delight

words like bullets
mind invested
poet play

come tomorrow
flees the muse
words once clear
now ring obtuse

empty poet
sans a word
lost and shaken
left unstirred

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann

Thursday, 3 November 2011

the pursuit of happiness

if we should sit still
quiet and waiting
would it find us
or is it necessary
to charge around
seeking and demanding
the fulfilment of dreams
in pursuit of happiness

reach for happiness
and it will evade you
clasp it selfishly
it will disappear
like mist before the sun
happiness is a master
of the unexpected
connecting the unconnected

a thought, a word
a memory of yesterday
a hope for tomorrow
and we are there
emeshed in joyful anticipation
found amongst the simplest things
not when we are searching
but when we are not

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann