Tuesday, 18 January 2011


you asked me for silence
and silent i'll be
so why would you call
just to irritate me?
you loved me and left me
we are finished and through
so what gives you the right
to tell me what to do
you don't wish to know
about new life or death
you told me quite clearly
in a voice out of breath
now all of a sudden
you think you have the right
to issue instructions
about what i may write
i write for myself
and i'll write what i please
when i ask your permission
that's the day hell will freeze
so take a deep breath
don't read what i write
you've done that before
with apparent delight
you say i am dead
and to you i may be
but i'm writing a tale
which is all about me
you once were my true love
the light of my life
i have no wish to hurt you
my once almost wife
if people should read
if i spoke about you
they would know that i loved
and respected you too
go on with your life
so much less complicated
than that with the poet
you always berated
you have a nice car
and a beautiful home
your cats are still with you
you won't be alone
erase from your memory
the wolf and the boy
go on with your life
seize the moment with joy
what i write does not matter
we live world's apart
if only we'd realized
that right from the start

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann

Monday, 10 January 2011

i'm as young

i'm as young

i guess i'm as young
as i let myself be
my heart's been sixteen 
since i knew you loved me

you laughed when i told you
how i race the closing door
two steps at a time
to get up to my floor

you smiled when i mentioned
i tripped in my haste
and ended up falling
embarrassed, red faced

honey, you said
scot's accent included
a six year old does that
you're slightly deluded

how old i am
is really no matter
i love life, i love you
i'm a crazy mad hatter

you make my heart thump
you make my face smile
your love is the magic
which makes life worth while

i thank you my darling
for bringing me pleasure
your smile and your laughter
are my special treasure

i give you my heart
and i give you my time
you gave me yours
i am giving you mine

Copyright © 2011 by Eryll Oellermann